One Less Worry With Skrill Online Casinos

Online casinos these days are making a lot of effort to expand their accepted payment methods. With so many laws and regulations in place, the more methods available the easier it is for the customer. Traditional banking methods are slowly taking a back seat in most people’s financial dealings online. Trust is the biggest issue when it comes to your money and in this day and age cyber crime is a big fear for many. One of the most popular new methods to move cash around the internet is the e-Wallet. Using an e-Wallet such as Skrill puts another level of security between you and those that want to steal your money and personal information. By using Skrill online casinos no longer have to take your bank details. If you have an account with them you just click on the Skrill button and you are taken to your login page. You then only have to trust Skrill to look after your cash and identity instead of every casino you want to play with.

Skrill Online Casinos – More Than You Think

The number of casinos that accept Skill is growing daily and for good reason Skrill has built a good reputation. Millions of customers use Skrill every day to move money around cyber space. This form of payment method is so well liked by online casinos that they are giving away bonuses to those who use this method to deposit. The top brands in the UK all use Skrill, William Hill the list goes on. Not only do the online casinos have promotions linked o Skrill but you get some great loyalty from Skrill. There is a steady stream of offers from their promotions centre and they are giving away prizes worth €24 000 every week at the moment. Skrill even have a refer a friend promo going and believe it or not a VIP scheme, sound familiar? Opening an account couldn’t be easier you just need an e-mail address. You will need to give some personal details to verify your account. The more methods of verification you give them the higher the transaction limits become. If you want to transfer funds to bank account you will need to link one obviously. But Skrill have a pre-paid MasterCard that you can use at ATMs or at a growing number of retailers worldwide. So you don’t even need a bank account to use Skrill, and you can keep your accounts separate unlike a lot of other e-Wallets.

Skrill Are Pioneers In Moving Money Online

SkrillIf you haven’t heard of Skrill you may know them by their former name of Moneybookers. A UK company that started the whole e-money business Skrill has rapidly become the major competitor to the likes of PayPal. Buying out Ukash in 2015 has put them in a commanding position and the Skrill group as a whole is growing fast. Traded on the London stock exchange and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority Skrill has a good name. Which is a little ironic as the name is actually based on street slang for cash. Licensed to operate as a Money Service Business in Britain and the European Union means strict codes are followed. One of which is that Skrill must have the funds to cover 100% of their customers money. So if you have a big win at the virtual tables and you cash out to Skrill your money is actually there waiting for you to spend it.

Speed And Security Are Bywords At Skrill

A big plus using Skrill as your preferred payment method with online casinos are the low transaction fees. Although not as good as PayPal they are way better than NETeller. And unlike any banks and credit card providers there are no hidden fees. Another advantage for using Skrill is the speed with which your transactions are made. Almost instantly cash is transferred from your Skrill account to your online casino account. No hanging around waiting you can get into your casino action straight away. Withdrawals are also very quick usually only a couple of days from your request. And once your money is back into your Skrill account it is available to spend online or transfer to other accounts as you wish. Security is taken very seriously at Skrill and the levels of encryption are up there with the best. Extensive firewalls are in place to protect your personal information and the cash in your account. And a dedicated fraud team monitors all transactions. Because you are directed to Skrill’s secure login page when you make a transaction you have no need to worry whether the casino’s security is up to it.

Skrill – A UK Company Serving The World’s Online Casinos – Well Not Quite All!

Once again if you live in the USA you are out of luck as far as using Skrill to fund your casino games. Due to the crazy financial laws in the US Skrill is not accepted by online casinos that face the USA. If online gambling is legal in your country then there is a good chance Skrill is available. With over 40 currencies used Skrill can legitimately be called a global concern. No such problem for UK residents. The UK authorities take the stance that regulation is better than prohibition. With that in mind UK online casinos have the most choice when it comes to financial transactions and Skrill is one of the best.