PayPal And Casinos A Perfect Match

Just a few years ago PayPal casinos were non-existent but now they are a big part of the UK online gambling scene. A welcome addition to the family they are too. Recognized by the genius that is Elon Musk, PayPal has rapidly grown from the auction payment method of choice to be one of the largest online companies. Billions of dollars are moved around daily and it was inevitable that they would become part of the online casino business. From just a few select brands to start with there are now many online casinos that accept PayPal. It was a great move for the industry as a whole, PayPal has a lot going for it for both the customer and the business.

Simple Registration One Form One Account Job Done

If you already have an account with PayPal it is a very simple process to deposit and withdraw funds with your casino. If you don’t have an account the process is very straight forward. All you need is a valid and recognized e-mail address. Don’t use a forwarding service they will not accept it. You will need a credit card/debit card or bank account linked to your PayPal account. That’s it, you are part of the PayPal community. You can now use your account to fund your online casino activity. You don’t even need to have money in your PayPal account as they will take the money from the card it’s linked to. Ultimately PayPal is just an e-Wallet and if they did go bust you wouldn’t lose all your money.

From Novelty To Major Institution

paypal logoSo what’s the big deal with PayPal why is it so good then? To start with it’s been around a while now and has a trusted reputation. The years spent as Ebay’s payment arm has ironed out the kinks and PayPal is now a strong standalone financial institution. Although not a traditional bank it does have a European banking license. Probably the one thing that makes PayPal so appealing to all concerned is the fact that no card or bank details need be collected for every transaction. For the casino it’s one less process they have to go through. For the customer it gives a nice security cushion between themselves and the casino. The transaction is almost instant. Click on the PayPal icon when you make a deposit and you will go to your PayPal login page. Simple and fuss free. The security PayPal use is some of the best available online. The fact that you only give your card details once is a big plus for protecting your money.

Again The UK Comes Out On Top

If you are a UK resident looking to deposit with an online casino PayPal is one of the best options. The UK has the most robust legislation surrounding online gambling. The industry has been regulated for a long time now and has many safeguards in place for the consumer. PayPal adds its own checks and balances and is widely praised for its consumer protection. Before PayPal joins in a partnership with a casino it will do its own vetting. Unlike other forms of deposit PayPal have a strict policy in place just for dealing with online casinos. They will not even begin to talk with a casino unless the brand is fully licensed and regulated for the country that the player lives in. PayPal is proud of its reputation and does not want to be seen dealing with unscrupulous operators. Complaints are taken very seriously and if there are too many that don’t add up then PayPal will withdraw their services from that casino. If a complaint is logged with PayPal they freeze the money that is in question and an investigation is launched. This is one very big reason why PayPal is so popular. Try getting a charge back from a credit card and you will understand the point, it is a painful process.
Once again due to the crazy banking laws in the USA that surround transactions to online gambling sites, USA residents are out of luck. PayPal will not transfer funds to online casinos for USA residents. The best thing to do if you are not sure about your local law is to contact the authorities. PayPal also have a very good customer service department and will answer your questions if they can. In this day and age of hidden charges and laws surrounding money laundering making life difficult when it comes to moving your cash around, PayPal is a refreshing change.

Online Casinos And PayPal Are In For The Long Haul

UK based online casinos are paving the way when it comes to using PayPal. Most of the major brands are on board. William Hill and 888 were some of the first brands to recognize the advantages of using PayPal. The smaller companies have been left behind a bit due to the policies in place but this will change. It can only be good for the industry to have more checks in place. The big players in the field are pushing the use of PayPal and are offering bonuses linked to deposits made this way. The trend is set to grow with more casinos using PayPal every month. The ease of use for both the casino and the client makes it very desirable as a payment method.