Like Your Privacy? Neteller Online Casinos Cover Your Habits

Unfortunately people make judgments about you every day. Most are on a personal level and may not have much impact. However when it comes to financial decisions being made about you your image is important. While there is nothing wrong with a harmless bit of fun in a virtual casino, we all enjoy it, some people may not want their bank records showing this. It’s sad, but true, if you have multiple transactions with online casinos on your bank statement it influences people. If you are looking for more credit, or opening a new bank account, your spending habits will be looked into. You may well be asked to supply a bank statement for any number of reasons. Renting a new home for example you may not want your new landlord to see that you gamble. Step up Neteller, any transaction you make using Neteller comes up on your statement as Neteller. Nobody else will know what you spend your money on, just as it should be.

Just What Is Neteller? And Why Use Them?

Well if you want the term that the company uses is ‘an online stored –value account’. To the rest of the world it’s an e-Wallet. Not so long ago nobody would have known what you were talking about. Now e-Wallets are rapidly becoming the favoured method to move money around the internet. Online casinos and e-Wallets are a match made for each other. Not only are they a good way to keep your spending habits private e-Wallets are extremely flexible. The number of UK casinos that accept Neteller is vast pretty much all of them see the benefit of having Neteller in their stable. By using e-Wallets such as Neteller, online casinos don’t need to get involved with lots of different banks and credit card providers. This means a simpler payment processing for them. For the casino player it means you don’t have to give out your personal financial details every time you make a deposit or withdrawal. In a time where identity theft is a very real threat this gives piece of mind. It’s one less thing to worry about when choosing who to play with.

Not Just An eWallet

neteller logoAlthough probably most known as an eWallet, Neteller has a couple of other options once an account is registered. Like a bank you can apply for a debit card with Net+. If accepted you are issued with a card backed by MasterCard. You can have a physical card sent to you or you can use a virtual one. The debit card is accepted at the same places the e-wallet is and a few it isn’t. The last option is Neteller money transfers just like wire and bank transfers you can send money all over the world even to someone without a Neteller account.

Fast And Secure

Another huge plus using Neteller to deposit to your online casino account is the time it takes. Virtually none at all. By the time you have logged out of the secure payment page the funds you transferred from Neteller will be in your online casino account. Not a moment is wasted waiting for money to arrive you can get straight to the tables and play. The speed of the transaction in no way lessons the security. Neteller use bank standard 256 bit encryption and multiple firewalls. They use a raft of measures to keep your money and details safe. And while they are not a bank, they are regulated and fully licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Sign Up Is Relatively Easy

Opening an account with Neteller is straight forward enough. Log in to their main website and click on the join for free button. You will be directed to a secure page where a valid email address and some person info is collected. Verification for legal purposes are then made. You will need to link an account to fund the Neteller account and then shuffle a small amount of money to activate the whole set up.

Rewards Aplenty With Neteller

Using Neteller as your favoured online casino payment method will get you quite a few fringe benefits. Online casinos are actively promoting the use of Neteller as a payment method. Bonuses are offer on top of the usual deposit bonuses when you use Neteller. Some casinos are offering a 10-15% deposit match bonus. That’s not all Neteller have their own loyalty promotions program with all sorts of prizes up for grabs. And it seems everybody is using the reward points system these days and Neteller is as well. Every time you move money with Neteller you earn points which can then be converted to cash.

A Long And Healthy Reputation

Neteller is part of the Paysafe group and are a public traded company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Since 2000 Neteller have been processing online gambling transactions and have built themselves a strong presence. One of the requirements by the Financial Conduct Authority is that all customer account funds must be held separately from the companies operating funds. Having such strict regulations in place is very reassuring. These days banks are no longer seen as they once was. Trust in the banking system has taken a beating over the last decade and this has given the e-Money industry a huge boost. More people are using e-Wallets day by day and Neteller is one of the best.