Which One Is Best For You? Online Casino Payment Options A Huge Variety On Offer

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You now have a short list of casinos with games you like. You’ve read a ton of reviews and the forums all point towards a safe and enjoyable gaming environment. Your due diligence has bought you to this point and it’s now time to choose a payment option. This process is quite often seen as a minor point but it is really quite important. It’s your money after all there is no sense in putting it in jeopardy before you even have chips.

In the UK we are spoilt for choice when it comes to casino deposit methods. Not having such restrictive legislation as say the Americans means we have a comprehensive list of ways to deposit and withdraw. Having said that not all online casinos offer the same choices. This is one area where two casinos that are as good as each other in all other aspects, can be separated and a choice be made. Personal circumstances and individual preferences have a significant impact on which method to go for. There really is no way to say which the best is. When all’s said and done it’s up to you, each method has its own merits.

One thing that does need to be checked out before you deposit is whether there are restrictions on the number of online casino payment methods you can use. Speak to the customer support because some casinos, even the big ones, restrict you to withdrawing funds the same way you deposited. If you have money in several accounts and like to move it around this can prove to be a pain. There are so many good casinos out there that it would be silly to use one that doesn’t allow you freedom with your own money.

Payment Methods

Deposit And Withdraw With An e-Wallet

The e-Wallet has fast become a payment method of choice for millions online. Thanks to the likes of Elon Musk, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are moving billions of dollars around cyberspace. The e-Commerce revolution has created the need for fast, reliable, and safe forms of online payment without all the hidden charges, has paved the way for e-Wallets. Paying for something online has introduced the real risk of identity theft and as such nobody wants to be giving financial details out to every Tom, Dick and Harry. With an e-Wallet you only give out your financial details once when you open your account. From then on in any payment you want to make you just click the icon and login on the secure page of your e-Wallet of choice. You can link the e-Wallet to a bank account or debit card and be safe in the knowledge that your details are behind some of the best security features in the commercial world. The added bonus is that if a casino has PayPal as a method of deposit and withdrawal then they will be vetted by PayPal.

The Tried And Tested Debit Cards

payments onlineThe most common forms of online casino deposit methods are still bank cards. With some casinos it is the only option. This choice of payment method is one of the quickest with funds appearing in your casino account almost immediately. You really need to trust the casino implicitly to use this method as you will be entering your card details every time. If you use this method make sure you are directed to a secure page. The page address will start with the prefix htpps: with a green padlock icon. This means that the website will have a recognized SSQL certificate and will be encrypted. Using a debit card should have no extra charges attached and can be used for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Bank cards, however, can have hidden extra fees when depositing to an online casino. One such charge is that the deposit is considered a cash advance by some companies, check with your provider before using a card. Most online casinos only allow a single debit card to be registered per account, there are a few that will let you have more. Don’t use somebody else’s card it opens you up to problems when it comes to withdrawing funds. Unfortunately this is an area where some casinos have been less than fair. It is a complaint that does get some attention in forums with people saying that casinos will take money from a card that is not the clients but will not put it back. Casinos are not supposed to take money from a card registered to someone other than the client. This is all to do with age related compliance laws and money laundering issues. If you have any doubt what so ever regarding your card contact the customer support team and get a clear answer. As with every question you ask them, if you don’t like the answer go elsewhere to play.

Prepaid Cards Help Cap Your Bankroll

A great method to deposit cash into your online casino account is the prepaid card or voucher. Most prepaid cards are backed by either Visa or MasterCard and are accepted by most. There really are too many to list but the Paysafe card by Skrill is one. The beauty of a prepaid is you will not be able to get caught up in the moment and run up large bills. You can use them with the same ease as any other card but the downside is that you need another method to with draw funds.

Wire Transfer Is Making A Comeback

The good old fashioned Western Union type wire transfer is still a method used. UK players will not likely use this method but it is safe and anonymous. Due to the crazy banking laws in the USA this method is making a bit of a resurgence. The major drawback with using this method is time. It can take days to transfer money this way.

Cheque Please

If time is not a concern and you absolutely hate transferring money via the internet then why not use a good old fashioned bank transfer or cheque if you still have a chequebook. This a very slow method but extremely safe. If you win big it could well be the only way you can get all of your money in one go anyway. This may be an old skool but every single casino will still accept financial transactions this way.

Pay In Person

If your online casino of choice has a high street presence the latest form of payment method is in person via a shop. Bet365 and William Hill are two such brands and you can top up your account in person in cash at their high street betting shops. Withdrawing this way is just about the quickest you will see your cash. You will have to verify your identity but you can get at your cash very quickly.

Whichever way you decide is best for you remember to check with the casino first. Ask questions about the method you want to use. How long will it take to get your money? Can you use different methods for deposit and then withdrawal? And this one is a biggy for most; what ID is required for withdrawal? You will get asked to prove who you are when you want your own money.

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