Gamble On The Move – Play a Mobile Casino For Real Money

You only have to go back around ten years and games played on your mobile where very basic. The power and speed of modern devices means that software providers had to up their game. Now you can play a mobile casino for real money and the games available are very good. All your favorites are playable wherever you are, whatever you use, smartphone or tablet every casino worth its salt has a mobile online casino. The software industry has pushed the mobile market up the priority list and now casino games can be played via downloadable app or direct browser versions. The industry is flush with new and exciting mobile casinos with slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat offered at them all, at the best ones you can even access their live casinos too.

A Quick Mobile Casino Review

If you are looking for a mobile casino you can trust there are some big names out there. The big three in the UK gambling world all have excellent mobile versions of their sites. William Hill has classy, easy to use mobile sites using top range software, meaning they are all worth a look. Bet365 is another huge concern online, and its site is one of the best, fully responsive and a joy to play on any device. The mFortune website, which was designed purely for mobiles, has taken the market by storm with by far the largest membership for a mobile casino at 1.1M. It has standalone software that slots aficionados rave about, making it a regular front runner in mobile casino reviews. There are new mobile casinos coming online all the time and with the peak in mobile usage being predicted as 2018, the market will soon become saturated. Our advice is find a mobile casino you like and stick with it. As long as the software is developed and the site doesn’t become stale of course!

Mobile Online Casinos – App or Browser?

In the ever expanding world of the smartphone, apps have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Need to know what’s on at the cinema? Where’s the nearest Italian restaurant? No problem there’s an app for everything. It’s taken a while but it has become one of the fastest moving sectors of I.T. Download an app for your favorite casino and the games are instant, the graphics and audio are stunning and the game plays as if on a desktop.

The gaming fraternity will remember the first mobile offerings, they were not very good, but pretty quickly Microgaming/Spin3, Playtech and Cryptologic, titans in the industry, upped their game and mobile online casino games came about, with the first offerings in 2005. As with all ground breaking technology these apps needed development and develop they did. When the market started to expand compatibility issues started to raise their ugly heads. Suddenly instead of one or two phones being available with the capabilities needed to run these games, there were many. Flash based apps were the norm and most manufacturers could deal with this. Then Apple appeared on the scene and in no time at all things changed big time. Never supporting Flash, Apple needed apps that ran specifically for their iOS devices. The demand for mobile casinos was increasing but software was not keeping up with it, the market was about Apple and Android. These two operating systems still have the bulk of the market covered. The apps that work for these two are without doubt excellent, but not everybody owns an Android or iPhone. The market is changing and the resurgence of Nokia, Blackberry and now Windows Phone mean that compatible apps are now slowly appearing for these as well. There is a little confusion out there with many sites claiming their apps are usable by the ‘majority ‘of devices. You would need to check each one if you have a different phone, as these claims are a bit thin sometimes.

It can’t be said enough, these apps are really very good and the playing experience exceptional. But, and a growing number of people are annoyed about this, the majority of sites that use apps, still only cater for Android or iOS. So yes if you have an iPhone or an Android device the game will be wow, built for a mobile device there will be no wasted space, clear graphics that really pop and audio that is second to none. Slots fit into your screen and come alive bells and whistles a plenty. But what if you have a different make of phone? Windows Phone is gaining popularity and Blackberry still has a large following and yes if you look there are sites with apps for these available but they are a bit thin on the ground. This is where the instant play browser versions come into their own.

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Mobile Online Casinos – Straight From Your Browser

mobile online gamesThe best online casinos realise compatibility issues surrounding apps are bad for business. Why risk losing customers in a very competitive market? A universal platform was what they wanted and along came HTML5 and bang a website could be built that was truly mobile friendly. A wonderful coding system that reads and identifies the device logged in, HTML5 then supplies the website in a format for that device. No matter what size or system being used a compatible version of the website is delivered. No downloads just use your phones browser log in and away you go. Some issues with running speed have cropped up, but developers are on top of this and sites evolve quickly. You would now be hard pushed to tell the difference between your desktop and tablet, when it comes to run time. With the top sites running fully responsive models, HTML5 is here to stay. The industry was a little slow in adopting the idea, but now more are coming round to this way of thinking. The mantra of software developers is now any device anywhere. Freeing up the industry from making separate apps has to be a good thing. Development capital can be funneled into making more games available, and improving on those already here.

So Why Bother With The Mobile Casino App?

It must be said there are still some advantages to downloading an app rather than playing the browser version. They are the same differences you get with a desktop download, the graphics are usually better and the game plays better. The software is written just for your device’s operating system and will work splendidly. Loaded direct to your phone there will be no load lag at all with an app. Despite the best efforts of all concerned a browser version will need to load each game separately and there will be a lag. The downside to having an app is the program will take up space on your device, but as most smartphones can run a small country these days it’s of little consequence. The main downside to using an app is the limited number of games available. It is all a matter of choice really whether you go for the download or not. They are still the commonest form of mobile site, but things are changing. If you only want a quick game now and again, they are very good.

Mobile Online Casinos No More Buffering

Remember the days playing a game online, and you’re just getting to the important bit and no more signal? Or the constant buffering arrow that drove you mad? No longer a problem, mobile coverage has become so good you can be in the back of beyond and still get a signal. 3G and 4G have moved the goal posts you can access all your favorite mobile casino games wherever you are. Free Wi-Fi has almost made it a moot point you can access the internet while having coffee, blackjack and Americano what could be better. The only way is up so they say and it is a rosy future for mobile casinos.
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Don’t Worry Mobile Casinos Are Just As Safe

As long as your mobile device has its own security protocols, and pretty much all modern phones have excellent security software, connecting to a reputable mobile casino is as safe as if you are using a landline. All the best use state-of-the-art SSL Encryption software the same as any online casino. When you log in to the site you will see the normal padlock icon and the https address. They only possible issue could be that some mobile sites only transfer you so a secure page when depositing. If you are on a public Wi-Fi your login details could be visible. All reputable sites require verification when a withdrawal is made so this issue is a minor one. Of course using an app there would be no such issue as you would be straight into the site via the app. So don’t worry have fun, the world of the mobile casino is getting bigger and bigger.