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Are you part of the craze that’s sweeping the country for online gambling? Have you heard there’s a new kid in town? With the wealth of new casinos coming online every month it seems like there may be a new angle that’s all set to bring a breath of fresh air. Live online casinos are the latest trend to hit the online gambling market and you might be interested in getting on board. If you’re new to online gambling or are a seasoned veteran that’s looking for a change then keep reading because we’ll be explaining the pros and cons of a live casino online. We’ll also spend some time looking at how it all works and what options are available.

Online casino games are a well-established form of entertainment, as well as giving gamblers the opportunity to win big. However, it seems that many players would prefer an actual dealer to shuffle and deal the cards, or a croupier to spin the wheel and roll the ball. Because of this online gambling sites have introduced a new format that makes it feel like you’re playing in a bricks and mortar establishment. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a real live venue where they can go and play and there are some who are becoming a little bored with the standard online format and want something different. Therefore it made good business sense to make a few changes and keep players interested. It has also served to increase players confidence in the online casinos, even though there is already a system in place to ensure that the games are fair. Actually being able to see a real live person shuffle the cards or spin the wheel and drop in the ball makes everything seem true to life and completely above board. No wonder then that software developers have brought a look new to the online games. Now you can enjoy the banter, experience the real atmosphere and feel much more in touch with everything that’s going on. In fact you may find yourself forgetting that you’re clicking away at your keyboard or playing on your smartphone.

What’s so Good About a Live Casino Online?

Believe it or not the software developers and online casinos are able to recreate the feel of sitting at an actual table. If you’ve dreamed of jetting off to one of the world’s famous gambling venues you can now enjoy all the ambience and visual pleasure without leaving the comfort of your home. You can even enjoy the thrill of playing in a Las Vegas-like casino when you’re commuting to work on the bus. Sat in front of you, albeit on your screen, is a real live dealer at a traditional card table covered in real baize. And they’ve not just gone with an average looking dealer, what you see will be pleasing to the eye. You can even chat with them for a truly authentic feel to your game. For Roulette lovers the live online casino has a bona fide certified roulette wheel, just like the ones you’d see in any top live casino. There is one small, almost insignificant difference – no bets are placed on the table. Pretty obvious really, but maybe it won’t be long before this is possible too. All the sites that you visit will have their own quota of tables. Some will operate several tables in one room, while others will only have one. It’s up to you to decide which works better for you. If you want to feel the buzz of a busy casino then more than one table will be preferable. However, if you want feel like a high roller in your own VIP suite then it’ll be better to stick to one dealer rooms.

Top 3 Live Dealer Casinos

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How a Live Dealer Casino Works

play live casino gamesAn online live dealer casino utilises a hardware/software package to deliver to your screen a live video stream. You can see the actual tables and watch the dealers running the games. Placing your bets is done via a console on your screen that is much like any standard online casino. If you want to you have the option of communicating with the dealer using the online chat option, as well as the pit boss and the other players sat at the table. A much more enjoyable format all round, we think you’ll agree. The action that takes place live is transformed into data that can be read and used by the software. For all of you techies this is known as OCR, or optical character recognition. Basically this means you can participate games at a live online casino much the same as you would in any virtual game, but because you’re playing with a real live dealer or croupier there is the obvious visual human touch. There are protocols that live croupiers and dealers would have to follow if they were employed by any of the bricks and mortar establishments and it’s no different online, as games are run in real time.
Any online gambling business that has entered the world of live casinos will have invested big in the introduction of this new way of playing. Not only does it need a real live location that is big enough to house everything that goes on behind the scene, it also needs room for all the tables. An analyst will be needed to review the games; an IT expert to manage or resolve any problems with the software; a camera crew to film all the action; a pit boss to oversee the floor and of course the most obvious, a friendly and professional team of dealers. All these extra people calls for a larger payroll, a building will need to purchased or rented and there will be other overheads such as all the local services and taxes. Quite a substantial investment will be called for even if it’s only one live game that’s on offer. Hence the small number of live casino games that are currently offered.

Do Live Online Games Play the Same and What Can You Play?

The roulette wheel is one of the most recognised casino games and you get the opportunity to try this online, as well as many of the usual run of card games such as blackjack and baccarat.

Playing Live Roulette Online

Usually available in both the European and American versions, with all the usual bets and very few surprises. Although some house rules may apply. Following the procedure of a live venue, the croupier prompts all players for their bets, before spinning the wheel. After taking the ball from its holder, the croupier then throws it in the opposite direction to the spin in the top of the wheel. No different than any casino, located anywhere in the world. The croupier calls the number and colour of the spot where the ball has landed and this is relayed to the software by the OCR technology. Whoever has picked the winning number and colour receives a payout.

Playing Live Online Blackjack

safe live casino gamesThis is another very popular live casino online game. There are millions of players who are only too eager to stand, hit, double down and split. Every live casino game will have its own set of rules, for example, those relating to the structure of betting and the number of decks in the shoe. Some of the online casinos will let you surrender, but there are some that won’t allow you to do this, while there are some that offer both. With all the possible variations you’d be wise to check all the small print and contact the casino if there is anything you’re unsure of or require further clarification. As with any real casino the dealer deals the cards from a shoe and places them face up in each player’s box. Players then make their choices using the consul that appears on the screen. Tell the dealer what you want to do and he or she will do exactly that. Basically the same as a bricks and mortar casino, with the exception being the house rules. There is however one very attractive difference. You can track your play, count cards and plot your strategies, without having to worry about being escorted from the premises.

Playing Baccarat Live Online

Again there are a wide variety of versions on offer, so you’d be wise to check with the house, in order to check and fully understand the rules. A favourite with high rollers, but also popular with those only willing to risk modest stakes, baccarat is perfect for playing live at any of the online casinos. Only two hands are dealt, but there is no limit to how many people can place their bets. This means that fewer tables are needed.
Many of the live casinos who operate online are now offering Sic Bo as an interesting option, and hopefully many more will bring this live game action to the online gambling masses.
Playing live online casino games doesn’t look like it’s going to be losing momentum any time soon. In fact more and more live casinos are going to coming online in the future, so watch this space and we’ll strive to keep you informed of all the latest advancements and improvements in your gambling experience.