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The most popular form of online gambling has to be slots. Every single online casino has them as a staple part of their platform. Cash is in abundance, with online casino slots, real money can be won with a spin of the reels. A lot of real money! The biggest single payout for a UK resident from an online casino was £5.9M for a measly 30p stake. While most jackpots are a lot less than this, with online slot machines real money payouts are there for the taking. Percentages for online slots are a lot better than land based machines, so if you love to play the one arm bandits, the virtual ones give out more.

How Come The Jackpots Are So Big With Online Casino Slots?

It all comes down to the software that a casino is running. When it comes to slots jackpots, the reason they can get so large is that they are linked with other casinos running the same games. Meaning that each time a game is played a small amount of the stake goes to a communal pot for the jackpot. The individual casino you are playing with gets most of the stake, and pays out the winnings for the smaller prizes. This is a strategy used by most to entice players in with the chance of big money. This has played into the hands of the major software developers, the lion’s share of the slots games are made by Playtech , Microgaming, Cryptologic and IGT. Playtech is used by some of the UKs biggest online casinos Titanbet, bet365, William Hill all use this platform and it is really good. The graphics are excellent, Marvel™ comics are the big thing at the moment and most of the versions around are linked jackpots. So you can appreciate how big the jackpots can get when big names use the same games. The movie themed Gladiator slots game regularly tops the million pound mark. Microgaming slots are a little more eclectic in their choice with a lot more movie based games and generic themes, the jackpots are still well worth winning though. Before you play slots online for real money however why not try before you buy.

Tips To Choosing And Playing Online Slots

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Most casinos will have payout lists available for their slots games. The average payout is 95% so just using this figure doesn’t really help. The frequency of payouts will give you an idea however, some slots will make larger payouts, but they will be less often, while others will payout more often but will give smaller prizes. Knowing this helps you manage your bankroll more effectively. Choose a themed game that interests you, if you are mad about football it stands to reason that you would be more entertained by a football themed game, than a tennis one. You will soon get bored if you have no interest in the subject, fortunately there are some many to choose from most tastes are catered for. When you want to play online slots for real money, understanding what additional features are available with each game is important in the decision making process. You will encounter scatter symbols, wild symbols, and free spins on pretty much every slots game. But with some online slots for real money these features come with extras. Some games expand the wild symbol encompassing the whole reel. Free spins can now come with compensation if the target prize hasn’t been hit. Looking at the bonus game can be a big decider in whether you play or not, some of the better ones can be a lot of fun and even take a level of skill to complete, instead of just clicking the button. A good site will give a complete list of these features in the rules along with the payout tables.

Are There Any Strategies For Slots

Unless you know the frequency of symbols on the reel, when you play online slots for real money maths doesn’t come into it. There are some long term players that study progressive slots and their likely hood of paying out next. It has to be said there is no mathematical truth to the method but some swear by it. By long term tracking players determine the average payout of the jackpot in the last year. When the present jackpot is bigger than the average, usually the number of players rises and the jackpot grows much quicker, this is then seen as the best time to play. The other way players use the stats, is timing. By working out the average time between wins the same method can be applied when the average time has passed join the game. Not at all scientific really but like the roulette systems people love to think they can beat the house.

Online Slots – Real Money – A Match Made In History

online slots machinesBefore the advent of online slots real money was won from the good old one arm bandit, or better known in the UK as the fruit machine. One of the forerunners to the slot machine was invented in 1891, by Sittman and Pitt in New York, based on poker five drums had 50 card faces on them. A nickel was deposited and the reels span. The love of the slot machine was born and pretty soon bars across New York had one or more of them. With so many different winning combinations available an automatic payout was not feasible, so prizes depended on the establishment. The Liberty Bell machine was much simpler with only three reels and five symbols, horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a Liberty Bell. At least three of these symbols have stood the test of time and are instantly recognized. Automatic payouts could now be worked into the machines and the slot machine came of age. Bally moved the game further in the 1940’s with electromechanical parts, and then in 1963 the first truly electromechanical slot machine was born, this sounded the death knell for the side arm. The Fortune Coin Co. developed the first video slot machine and the prototype was trailed in the Las Vegas Hilton. Making its way, after some work, to the Strip soon became the slot machine of choice in Las Vegas. IGT bought out the Fortune Coin CO. in 1978 and went on to be a giant in the industry.
Slots machines are still the biggest earners for a casino, on average 70% of income is derived from slots. So it is no wonder that online slots for real money have made such an impact in the virtual casinos too. We just love to watch those reels fall into place one by one, and the sound of the jackpot hitting is mesmerizing. Online casino slots for real money are here to stay. The games will get more interesting, with more features and bonus pages. The jackpots will always be huge because of the linked software so the chance to get rich is waiting for you. Good luck and remember when it stops being fun, stop. Welcome Bonus PackageHundreds of Incredible Games9/10Play now
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