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Keno is a game with a long and illustrious history. Today, keno online is becoming incredibly popular thanks to its ease of play and lack of strategy required.

Keno’s origins are based in ancient China when a Chinese warlord named Cheung Leung decided to invent a lottery-like game of chance in order to raise funds to supply and equip his troops. The game that he invented used 80 Chinese characters, just as there are 80 numbers in the game of keno today, and the game proved to be so popular that it generated a steady stream of income which is said to have been used to build the Great Wall of China.

The Chinese characters were switched to numbers at some point during the 19th century in America when Chinese immigrants brought the game with them to the USA.

Keno was first brought to a casino in Las Vegas in the 1930s however it was given the guise of being a horseracing game as lotteries were banned at the time. Although once the ban on lotteries had been lifted the game went back to its origins and lost all connection to horseracing, there is still some jargon relating to keno from these horseracing days. For example drawings are still called races.

How to Play Keno Online

If you wish to play keno online, you will be pleased to discover that it is in fact a very simple game to enjoy. There is no strategy to learn as the game is purely one of chance.

The basic idea of playing keno online is to choose the winning numbers. The computer software will randomly select numbers and if they match the ones that you have selected, you will win a payout.

The choice that the player must make is how many numbers to choose out of a selection of numbers from 1 to 80. In a keno online game you can choose no less than three numbers but no more than twenty. You must then select the value of the bet that you are going to place. This may vary depending on your budget and also on the site itself as some allow you to place a bet as low as a few cents while others allow a bet of up to $100. The only other choice a player must make is how many rounds they are prepared to play.

The more numbers that you match during your game of keno online, the larger your payout will be.

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What Are the Odds of Winning at Keno Online?

The odds are not in the players’ favour when playing keno online as it is very similar to a lottery which also has very low odds of success. Nevertheless there are some advantages to playing keno online as it is possible to choose as many numbers as you wish and to win by only choosing one or two numbers, unlike a traditional lottery.

The odds of winning when you play keno online depend on the number of numbers that you have chosen, as the more numbers you select, the more you have to match in order to win.

Although the odds of players winning when they play keno online are very low, people are still keen to participate as there is the potential to make enormous profits from a very low bet.

Are There Any Strategies to Winning at Keno Online?

There are no strategies that can be used to be more successful at winning when you play keno online as it is a pure game of chance. The game should therefore be viewed as a fun activity and you should never exceed your chosen budget while playing. Although there are some people who claim to have developed a system that can be used to determine the winning numbers in keno, they cannot be believed. The numbers are chosen completely randomly and there is no system that can help determine which will be drawn.

There are however some things that you should avoid when playing keno online. You should avoid choosing too many numbers when you make your selection as you will have to match more in order to win. If you choose a lot of numbers you will find that it is impossible to win, especially if you select all 20 that you are allowed.

In general, most players opt for eight or nine numbers when they play keno online as this gives them a good chance of winning while not making it too difficult for themselves to hit the jackpot.

What Should I Know About Playing Keno Online?

keno online gamesIf you are going play keno online you should first compare the payout amounts offered by different online casinos. Before you start play, check out the paytables on offer and select one that offers the best payout.

You will have the choice of both live keno online and video keno. Live keno is a much slower game as all participants must place their bets and then there is usually a delay before each game is played. Although this may sound frustrating it is a good thing as you won’t use up all your playing budget too quickly.

When playing video keno online, you need to be aware that it is a very fast game and you can easily lose all your money very rapidly. There are however several advantages to choosing video keno, especially since the amount that you are allowed to bet is much lower than in a live game. A player can take advantage of these lower bet amounts however they should always only bet one coin at a time to slow the game down. The exception to this is if there is a large progressive jackpot on offer, in which case you may want to play several coins at once to take advantage of this situation. The house in video keno online game also has a lower advantage than in live games and therefore players have a better chance of winning in this type of game.

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