Want Some More Information About Playing the Best Online Baccarat UK?

Baccarat is a very old game that has emerged recently onto the online casino scene in a big way. It has rapidly risen to become one of the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos, possibly thanks to the low house margin, which is just 1.06% making it a good choice for anyone who is chasing an easier jackpot.

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The online baccarat casino is especially popular with Asian players, and it is perhaps best known as being one of the games that James Bond played in Casino Royale, which contributed to its popularity worldwide. Playing UK baccarat online is a good choice of game as there is very little strategy required. There are no complex skills required, all that is required is to place a bet and see how the game turns out. Today, baccarat has become especially popular in land-based casinos among high-rolling players who particularly enjoy the simplicity of betting on this game.

Although there are three versions of baccarat – Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque and Punto Banco, the version primarily played in the online baccarat casino is Punto Banco which requires no skill.

Online baccarat UK is often seen as a good option for anyone who is ready to graduate to something more advanced than slots but is not quite ready for something as complex as poker. Although it is fairly simple to play – like slots, there is a better chance of winning and you will also lose much more slowly.

What Are the Basic Rules of Playing Online Baccarat UK?

baccarat online gamesIf you want to play UK online baccarat, you should familiarise yourself thoroughly with the rules. The game is in many ways similar to Blackjack as the players are betting on the outcome of two hands. Basically, the game is based on the dealing of two hands – called the player and the banker, although these names are arbitrary and have no relevance. You bet on which of the two hands will win by holding the highest value cards and can bet on either hand.

The highest value that can be achieved in a game of UK baccarat online is 9 and when this is achieved with only two cards it is called a natural hand. Each card from 2 to 9 is worth its actual face value while an Ace is worth 1, and therefore it can be hard to understand why the highest value hand is nine. Unlike Blackjack, this is because only the right-most number is taken into account. For example if the hand holds a 9 and an 8, the total of these two cards is 17. Therefore the value of the hand is 7 as the right-most number of the two is 7. When playing UK online baccarat, the computer software calculates this for you so you are not required to work anything out.

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How Does a Game of UK Baccarat Online Work?

The dealer in a game of UK baccarat online will deal two hands containing two cards each. Sometimes, a third card will be dealt by the dealer automatically depending on a complex set of rules, however there is no need to know the rules for drawing cards as the computer software will pre-determine whether or not a third card is drawn.

When the cards have been dealt, each player will place their bet as to which hand is likely to be the highest before it is shown to the players. It is also possible to place a bet that both hands will be a tie, however there will be a high house edge on this type of bet. You can decide the value of the bet to place depending on your budget.

Should either the banker or dealer hand be a natural hand i.e. one that is valued at 8 or 9 with only the first two cards, there is no drawing rule applied and the winning hand is immediately determined and the payout given to those who bet on the correct hand.

What Are the Advantages of Playing the Best Online Baccarat UK?

The main benefit of playing UK online baccarat is that it is a game with a low house margin that also requires very little skill or strategy to succeed. This is quite unusual, as usually the games that have as low a house margin as UK online baccarat are quite complicated to learn and have difficult strategies to hone and develop. There are only three choices of bet to place in baccarat and so it is very difficult to make a mistake.

How Do Payouts Work When Playing UK Baccarat Online?

If you bet on the player or dealer hand and win in a game of UK Baccarat online, you will win an amount that is the same as the amount that you placed as a bet. However, if you bet on the banker hand, you should bear in mind that there is a 5% commission charged on this type of bet. If you should choose to bet on a tie between the two hands and win, you will benefit from a much higher rate of payout, at 8 to 1.

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Are There Any Strategies to Win at Baccarat Online UK?

Although some people think there is a strategy that can be applied when playing baccarat online UK in fact they are mistaken. Many people try to note down which hand has won on each round in order to try to spot a potential pattern however this is a pointless activity. The chances of a particular hand winning on any given round is 50:50 and any patterns observed in previous rounds will have no bearing on any outcome in future rounds.

As you do not have to make any decisions other than choosing which hand will win before ever seeing the cards they hold, there is no possible strategy that you can apply to determine which will be the highest value hand. Nevertheless, there are several strategies that people have developed in any attempt to crack the baccarat system including Martingale, Paroli, and Labouchere, and they may be fun to try although they are unlikely to help you hit the jackpot.