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A multitude of games are now available to play online, there are more online casinos now than ever before. It doesn’t matter what your particular passion is, there will be a site you can indulge yourself in. Real money casino games have a rush like no other. Whether you want to hear the spinning reels and watch the cherries drop, or take a spin on the ‘Devil’s Wheel’, when you put your own money down it feels great. If you like games of pure chance or with some more skill involved games for all tastes are readily available. If you have a few spare minutes waiting for a train, you can play mobile casino games for real money. While there is not quite the choice with mobile versions, what is there is very good. Mobile casinos are a subject on their own you can read more on our mobile page. It really is a great time to have a flutter with so many online casinos, games for real money are available 24/7. So let’s give you a run down on what’s available at the moment. It will never be complete because more games come out every month!

It Wouldn’t be a Casino Games List Without Roulette

Even if you have never set foot in a casino in your life, and are a complete newbie playing online casino games for real money, roulette is instantly recognizable. A star in many films and used in advertising regularly, a roulette wheel is iconic. A favorite for many people every single casino games list has roulette right up near the top. There is something quite mesmerizing about the ball bouncing around and the suspense keeps you hanging on for more. Small or large stakes the thrill is there and the game has made the transition to the virtual world very well indeed. Graphics and audio quality make the game very playable indeed. There are two main versions of the game played online, American and European. The only difference is the American version has a double zero slot added, which increases the house odds by quite a lot. If you have never played the game, roulette has depth to it. A very simple game to play right of the bat, understanding the probabilities of each bet takes a little time but then the game takes you to a new level. The European roulette wheel layout is the same the world over and was devised many years ago. Alternate red and black slots with randomly assigned numbers from 1-36. A green zero slot and if American double zero slot as well placed halfway round the wheel. The betting area of the table can be configured slightly different depending on the site. The betting structure is the same however. The numbers are set out in three rows of twelve columns left to right 36 35 34 going down the first column. Then 33 32 31 in the second column, down to one with the zero/double zero at the end. There are many types of bet you can place with odds ranging from 35-1 to evens. Many casinos are tweaking the game a bit to put their own twist to it, but roulette is basically the same wherever you play it.

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Blackjack the Thinking Gamblers Online Casino Game

There aren’t many online casino games for real money that have a real level of skill to them. Blackjack is an exception, as the MIT students that broke the Vegas casinos can vouch for. While most of us don’t have that level of card counting skills, strategy does play a large part of blackjack. If you are looking for a casino game will test your mind blackjack is the one for you. The great thing about playing blackjack online is you can sit there with as many strategy books and take notes to your heart’s content. If you did this in a brick and mortar casino you would be thrown straight out. The amount of versions available to play is quite surprising as it is basically the same game. The differences are in the betting and format e.g. a surrender game or whether you can take insurance, there are also versions with differing amounts of decks in the shoe. As long as you read the rules carefully you can find a game that suits you.

Bond’s Game – Baccarat the Game of the Rich and Famous

If you’ve never played Baccarat it’s worth a look. One of the top four in any casino games list, it’s a card game with a difference. Two hands are dealt, one dealer one player also known as Banco and Punto. You have the option to bet on either hand winning outright or a tie. Two cards are dealt each hand, cards 2-9 are face value, tens and pictures 0 and the aces are 1. Add the cards together and the winning hand is the one closest to nine. If the two cards add to 8 or 9 it’s called a natural and no cards are drawn for that hand. Now here’s the slightly complicated bit regarding a third card being dealt.

Shooting Craps America’s Game of Dice

online casino games for real moneyMost of us in the UK only knew craps from the movies. Thanks to the internet, it’s fast becoming one of the more popular online casino games for real money in the UK. Unfortunately for us Brits the betting structure is complicated and there are a lot of different house structures. The Americans love the game and know the format. You basically bet on different number combinations and totals. Every casino that has a craps game will have a comprehensive set of rules. Read them carefully, it will take you a little while to get your head around the game, but once you do if you like dice games you’ll love craps.

Sic Bo – A Basket of Dice Asian Style

We have never been closer as a world than we are today. It’s no different in the online gambling world games are coming out of the Far East and gaining popularity quickly. Sic Bo is a game with three dice in a ball shaped basket. You try to predict how the dice will fall. A table graphic will give areas you can place your bets. There are a number of combinations you can bet on single numbers, pairs, triples both dice between 4-10 or 11-17 all odds or all evens. With odds ranging from 2-1 right up to 150-1 there is quite a bit of gamble involved. This game is another with varying house rules and betting structure and needs to be checked out first.

Pai Gow Poker – 7 Card Brag to the Brits

Pai Gow poker is played with 7 cards that you need to make two hands to play with. One 5 card hand called the front and one two card hand called the back. Very similar to the game of 7 card brag the front hand must be better than the back hand. To win you have to beat the dealer with both hands. If you only win one of the hands it’s a push and depending on house rules you get all or half your stake back. This is a great game if you like to sit for hours playing, as a push happens a lot and you don’t lose a fortune! A win pays 2-1 and the house will take a rake of around 5%.

Slots, Keno The Casino Games List Goes on

The good old one arm bandit has been reborn online. Brought into casinos because they take up less floor space, slots grew a fan base very quickly. The online versions have got an even bigger following and there are so many now they need a slots page all of their own. They have the biggest payouts of any online casino game there is. Keno is another game that has migrated from the brick casinos played there as a side game with runners taking bets. This lottery type game has gotten quite an avid following online. The longer the boom in online casinos goes on, the games available will just keep increasing.