Looking to Play at an Online Casino? – We’ll Give You the Low Down

If you hanker for a gamble online the choice of sites you can join is huge. If you want information to help you find the best real money online casinos, you’ve come to the right place. Just about every real money casino you visit will claim they are one of the best. How can you tell? What is the difference when half of them look so similar? We aim to give you honest, informed, relevant, and up to date facts to aid you with your choice.

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Clarity and Security

When deciding where to play, the most important factors that come into the equation have to be clarity and security. The best online casinos for real money have comprehensive terms and conditions. These should be easy enough to understand with no ambiguity about them. Deposit and withdrawal methods should be plentiful, simple, and have clearly defined time frames. After all you want to know what’s happening with your money! Any promotion offered must have terms and conditions specific to that promotion clearly available. If you have to hunt for them then caution should be exercised, it probably means that it’s not such a good deal after all. Due diligence is an important process and a site that doesn’t try to hide its policies is far better than one that does. Any review we write will touch on security and we will not recommend any real money casino that doesn’t have checkable protocols. This is an area you can check yourself however. The best real money online casinos will have been audited by one of the independent online security firms such as Thawte. The logo of said company will be in the footer of the website.

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Cash Bonuses – Free Money Whoop Whoop

Bonuses are the biggest promotional tool available to a casino online, real money is offered to become a member. Our reviews will tell you of the best welcome packages that are around and how they work. Deposit bonuses are the most common and can range from 100% all the way up to 500%. This means that when you open an account with say £50, the casino will match that 100% and give you another £50 to play with. All casinos have what is known as a wagering requirement usually between x 20 and x 30 of the deposit and bonus. So if a site has a x 20 requirement and a 100% bonus and you deposit £50 the sum is 50 + 50 x 20 = 2000. So you would have to wager £2000 before you can withdraw any winnings from the bonus. This is where we help sort through the masses, all wagering requirements seem very similar. A lot of the best sites however don’t include the deposit in the equation, making them a far better attraction. In a very competitive market promotions abound, but remember that casinos are a business and will offset their expenses. The most attractive promotions will usually come with strict terms and conditions and should be read carefully. You can of course opt out of any bonus, and then there’s no need to worry about how much you need to bet to get the free money. The subject of promotions and free money is so big read more on our bonus page

Top Online Casinos in UK – List

The Playing Experience Depends on Software

In the world of online casinos which software is used can make or break a site. When it comes to the best online casino, UK players have a hard choice, there are so many good ones out there. All the big names in the field use recognizable software platforms making it a little easier to choose. Some however have opted for a completely unique package, this is an expensive way to go and can have a big impact. We test out the various platforms and will give you our opinion on how they play. If a site is running Playtech, Microgaming or Cryptologic we can tell you that the games will play very well. The combined number of online casinos running just these three platforms comes in at over 1000. These companies were pioneers in the field and have moved the industry forward at a very fast pace. There are however over 300 software developers that have online gaming programs, so we will do our best to let you know which are worth playing. There are a select few sites that use more than one developer to run their games. They have managed to combine the best games from each and work them seamlessly into a complete package. All sites will have more than one software provider when it comes to day to day running of the site and processing payment transactions. The best online casino UK residents can play at is one that combines a stunning gameplay with a trustworthy and secure site. The big three bookies in the UK, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral all have excellent online casinos and we recommend them, they have top quality games and a reputation to match.

Live Play Online

The best casinos are pushing the boat out and online gambling just gets better and better. You can even play real money casino games with live dealers now. A very expensive option the best are now catering for those who either miss the live action or who have never experienced it at all. Set up to look and feel like a brick and mortar establishment live dealers give you the thrill of Vegas in your own home. It really does give the feel of a top night out, the dealers are dressed to the nines and follow the usual protocols for whatever game you are playing. The casinos manage to create an intimate atmosphere, yet with all the buzz of a full table. You can chat to the dealer and the best of the crop allow you to chat to the other players as well. Professional dealers, pit bosses, camera operatives, IT managers all need to be employed. Couple that with the floor space needed to run a live dealer operation, and it all adds up to a big financial commitment. This means that only the top boys are able to offer the experience. So it’s a good indicator as to whether the site is any good, a fly by night operator just couldn’t put up the resources to sustain this kind of operation. For more read our live casinos page.

What Games Can You Play? – Too Many to List!

best real online casino moneyThe number of games on offer at the top sites varies hugely some have 200+ while others have as many as 400+. The more the merrier is usually the case and a couple in the very top tier seem to have them all. The thing is though unless you want to play a different slots game every hour you won’t get to play most of the games out there. All casino sites have the usual staples roulette, blackjack, baccarat and slots. The best online casinos for real money take the usual and make them a little unusual. For example a progressive jackpot roulette anyone? 32Red online casino have such a game called Roulette Royal and it’s very popular with its members. The number of variants of blackjack available on each site can also sway your decision. Surrender, insurance, double up, all of these versions will appear on the top sites to give a wider appeal. But slots are where the greatest variety is found. Linking with sites running the same software, slots games can run with jackpots in the millions. Remember the UK player that won £5.9M for a 30p stake on a progressive slot? If a casino doesn’t have any big jackpot slots games it’s probably not a very good site. Craps, SicBo, Keno, Video Poker, Pai Gow Poker all have a place in the best casinos and more obscure games will become more popular as time goes on. This industry is moving fast and only the best will keep up and this means more and more variety for the online gambler. As there are so many great offerings read more on our games page.

Play Real Money Casino Games on the Move

We all know how fast the world of mobile technology is moving. Now that we have no issues with connectivity thanks to 3G and 4G, and with processing power to rival desktops of yesteryear, real money casino games can now be enjoyed anywhere. If you want to be even considered in the top level of online casinos you have to have a mobile version of your site. The best have more than one way to access their mobile sites, with both a downloadable app and a browser version. You can really judge how good a site is by its mobile version. If not a lot of effort has gone into it, the company running the site has no vision. The future of our fast paced industry is mobile and probably live dealers too. The forward thinkers already combine the two! Read more about the world of mobile casinos.

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Pay Outs Are the Same Aren’t They?

Simple answer no they are not. Depending on which software is used the payout levels, house commissions and such will differ. The best casinos will provide a comprehensive payout table for every game it runs. The house commissions on games like baccarat will be clear. All of the top casinos use independent maths labs to run a monthly audit on the sites payouts. These reports are also readily available. This can be a big factor in determining how good a site really is a lot of newcomers can be caught out thinking payouts are all the same. Generally though online casinos give much better odds than a brick and mortar affair. Most slots games online run at 95% payout or above and blackjack as much as 99%. Considerably better than the land based odds.

Are RNG’s Really Random?

This is a question that has been doing the rounds for many years. The answer is as near as damn it yes they are. But people are still arguing whether they are fair and truly random. The issue surrounds the fact that a seed number must be used for the random number generator. This number must be entered into the software to start the whole process, and is chosen by a person. At over 200 000 digits long it’s not something that can be remembered. It is a very closely guarded secret and only a select few within the casino hierarchy will know it. This seed number is used in the RNG to create the random outcomes needed for casino games to work. The figure the RNG algorithm comes up with is then used as the seed for the next calculation. This process is extremely complicated and the numbers are huge, so unless the original seed number is known the next number in the sequence cannot be predicted. Without RNG’s virtual games couldn’t work it is the core to online gambling. All card games have to have a way to shuffle the deck, slots need to fall unpredictably and the roulette ball must land by chance. After all the whole rush with casino games is the element of chance. Checking the RNG software is part of the audit performed by the online security firms. They will know it if it has been compromised the algorisms used are very good and as close to truly random as is possible in the virtual world.

Top Casinos Don’t Cheat

Occasionally online casinos do get caught cheating their customers. This is so rare though and it so far has been small operators and blatant rip off merchants. There is one Canadian casino (Casino Titan) that has just reversed the name of a major player to cash in on the name and is in all kinds of trouble with customers. This is where the reviews and guides keep the top casinos on their toes. Where real money is concerned reputation is paramount to long term success. Keeping that reputation intact means that casinos have to play fairly and not cheat their members. It also works the other way too, a casino wants to be sure its games can’t be abused by its punters! Independent, third party auditors are commissioned to check all software used in gameplay is fair and has no exploitable loopholes. Some of these companies are high echelon accountancy firms with unblemished histories that are very well known in many areas. While a niche market has sprung up for industry specific auditors.
It really does make no sense in the long term for a casino to cheat its players. House percentages on all games mean a good profit for a straight casino. So if there is no independent audit on a site it is cause for concern. What are they hiding and why? We would not recommend a site that does not use these services. There are also fair gambling associations like eCOGRA and EGBA set up to aid in disputes and to ensure a fair industry. The top sites all have software to keep track of every game played, this record is essential if a dispute arises between casino and player.

Play For Free to be Sure You Like What’s on Offer

All of the top rated online casinos have the option to play their games for free. A system of play money or a version of the game that doesn’t require a deposit is great tool to understand how the site works. Risk free and usually anonymous, although some sites want you to register first, you can see for yourself how games play. There is nothing worse than depositing real money with a site that looks great, only to find you hate the way the betting is done, or the game is to slow for you. It is without doubt the best way to try out a new site and gives you the chance to experience something different without committing cash. If you are a complete novice to the world of casino games it could be considered an essential. You could very quickly go broke if you have never played blackjack for example, so a few sessions of free play is a valuable lesson.

Playing Casino Games is Fun – Make Sure it Stays That Way

Gambling is part of life we do it all the time. Some gambles are big some small. The stock market is a huge gamble and plays a very important role in our lives, and is out of the average person’s control. Gambling on an online casino site is very much in you control. Take care that the thrill doesn’t become a need. Every reputable online casino takes steps to protect players and are committed to responsible gambling. Associations such as Gamecare work with the industry to highlight potential problems and offer guidance and help to anyone who may feel they have an issue. Above all stay safe, enjoy and have fun.


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